The Republican Party in Colorado County made its presence known during the 1996 elections with the first contested Primary in this county.  The election of Commissioner Tommy Hahn as a Republican opened the door for the future success of  many Republican candidates in this county.   We have many people to thank both past and present that worked tirelessly to bring forth the conservative climate that we presently enjoy in Colorado County.  We have over 13,000 registered voters in this County.

Colorado Co. Rep. Elected Officials

County Judge
Ty Prause

County Clerk
Kimberly Menke

County Treasurer
Joyce Stancik

County Tax Assessor
Mary Jane Poenitzsch

County Commissioners
Doug Wessels Pct. 1
Darrell Kubesch Pct. 2
Tommy Hahn Pct. 3
Darrell Gertson Pct. 4

Justice of Peace
Billy Hefner, Pct. 1
Chris Maddux, Pct. 2
Francis Truchard, Pct. 3
Stan Warfield, Pct. 4

County Surveyor
Mathew Loessin

County Attorney
Jay Johannes

District Clerk
Linda Holman

R.H. "Curly" Wied

Richard J. LaCourse Pct. 1
Lonnie Hinze Pct. 2
Ivan Menke Pct. 3
Darrell Stancik, Pct. 4


Precinct Chairs
Pct. 101  Alan Brandt
Pct. 102  Roxana Strickland
Pct. 103  George Llanes
Pct. 201  Robert Berger
Pct. 202  Rose M. Thumann
Pct. 301  Dan Dillard
Pct. 302  Laura Kulhanek
Pct. 303  Tamalyn Neuendorff
Pct. 304  Greg Fore
Pct. 305  Kathy Fleming
Pct. 401  Open
Pct. 402  Tom Kelley


    Notice is hereby given that applications for a place on the 2018 Republican Party Primary ballot may be filed in person at the following address from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. on Monday, December 11, 2017, in the conference room. 

Pam Moore, County Chair
Colorado County Annex
318 Spring Street
Columbus, TX 78934

__Pam Moore_______________
Signature of County Chair

_13 November, 2017_________




Por lo presente se da aviso que las solicitudes para que el nombre de un candidato esté puesto en la boleta para la elección Republican prímaria del partido podrán presentarse Decembre 11, 2017 en persona en los siguientes lugares hasta las de la tarde el día de 4 p.m. de 6 p.m.

Colorado County Annex
318 Spring Street
Columbus, TX 78934

Pam Moore
Dirección del Presidente del Condado:

13 Novembre, 2017   
Firma del Presidente del Condado


For an appointment or additional information please call:

Pam Moore